A modern-day werewolf gives an interview to a priest from his jail cell. He is accused of child molesting, but he claims to have saved the eight-year-old girl from another man.


  • There are echoes of Little Red Riding Hood. The narrator clearly intended to eat the girl.
  • The werewolf can be burned by holy water. This is a weakness more commonly associated with vampires and demons.
  • He studied meat-cutting at Braciola Vocational School. Braciola is the name of an Italian beef dish.
  • This story is similar to Monster, which also has a narrator proclaiming his innocence from prison (and revealing his actual guilt).

Unanswered Questions

  • What is the significance of the name Paul, his first victim?
  • Failing to remember names and calling everyone Paul suggests a lack of interest in other people, similar to the main character in Pirate Freedom.

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