The Death of Hyle


Wolfe's comments from the Introduction to Endangered Species

There was no comment about this story in the introduction.


Henry Nailer lies about his age so that he can "disincarnate" and join his daughter.


  • The stories The Dark of the June, The Death of Hyle, From the Notebook of Dr. Stein, and Thag form a series with characters in common, including Henry Nailer.
  • "Hyle" is a term from Greek philosophy meaning physical matter.
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  • References to other works
  • Theories about what happens under the surface, what the narrator isn't telling us, who the narrator is and when and why s/he is telling the story, what the whole thing "means," etc.
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Unresolved Questions

  • Was it A or was it B, or was it X or Z?
  • Was it he or was it she, or was it you or me?
  • Who dunnit?
  • Did the Star Child really start WWIII at the end of 2001?

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