This is the WolfeWiki project, an attempt to gather in one place large quantities of information about the works of the great American writer Gene Wolfe.

Wolfe is best known as a writer of science fiction and fantasy, but his work encompasses poetry, horror, "magical realism," and much more. Much of his work is designed to force the reader to work with the writer, using techniques like lacunae, unreliable narrators, shifting points of view, and many others to create mystery. It may be that a given Wolfe text has no "correct" interpretation, or even a "correct" answer to the question, "what happened in that story, anyway?"

But the mystery and the effort the reader expends in trying to understand a Wolfe text are, for some readers, more valuable than any number of the easy-to-understand pabulum-texts that appear on the shelves of our grocery stores and airport newsagents. If you are one of those, please join us in creating a crowdsourced guide to the mysteries, puzzles, and paradoxes of the Lupine corpus.

If you're not familiar with Wolfe's work, browsing this Wiki probably isn't the best place to start, but one of the articles under construction is a guide for the Wolfe novice.

If you are familiar with Wolfe's work, you'll probably want to head straight for the main Contents page.