Mythic patterns from the The Golden Bough seem to recur in many Wolfe works. There is a conflict between a man representing Spring and a man representing Winter over a woman/Goddess. One man causes the death of the other, but there is a cycle of resurrection in view. This is like the mythic pattern of Venus and Adonis, among many others. (Graves elaborates on this a great deal in The White Goddess, but Wolfe is known to consider that a crackpot theory).

New SunSeverian/Green Manold Autarch/Master AshThecla/JuturnaSpringSeverian loops back in time
Short Sun/Long SunHornSilkHyacinth/SeawrackWinterSilk seeks new worlds
CastleviewShields/Green ManMadadh/GeimreadhViviane MorganWinterWrangler/sleeping Shields
There are DoorsGreenNorthLaraSpringGreen goes west
Wizard KnightAbleArnthorMorcaine/Gaynor/DisiriSpringAble taken away
Pirate FreedomChrisIgnacioNoviaWinterTime cycle repeats
An Evil GuestBill ReisGideon ChaseCassie CaseyWinterRian/Cassie's quest
Has Anybody Seen Junie Moon?SamLaffer/MerlinJunie MoonWinter"Merlin" as a baby