14 Articles on His Fiction


  • Gene Wolfe: 14 Articles on His Fiction, by Michael Andre-Driussi
    • E-book from Sirius Fiction published June 23, 2016
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From the Publisher

Ten essays and four reviews, originally published from 1993 to 2014, in "The New York Review of Science Fiction," "Foundation," "Extrapolation," "Ultan's Library," "The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction," "The Internet Review of Science Fiction," "Quantum," and a chapbook on "The Fifth Head of Cerberus." Some of them are available for free online, but many are hard to find. Topics include:

  • Six pieces on "The Book of the New Sun."
  • An investigation on the possible star system in "The Fifth Head of Cerberus."
  • Two overviews of Wolfe's work, one focusing on his short stories, the other on his novels.
  • A look at the Japanese translation of "The Book of the New Sun."

The articles:

  • "A Closer Look at the Brown Book"
  • "Gene Wolfe at the Lake of Birds"
  • "Posthistory 101"
  • "Naming the Star of 'The Fifth Head of Cerberus'"
  • "Lions and Tigers and Bears ... of the New Sun"
  • "Gene Wolfe: the Man and His Work"
  • "The Death of Catherine the Weal and Other Stories"
  • "Gene Wolfe's Novels and The Book of the Long Sun"
  • "Japanese Lexicon for the New Sun"
  • "What Gene Wolfe Expects"
  • Review of "Nightside the Long Sun"
  • Review of "In Green's Jungles"
  • Review of "Strange Travelers"
  • Review of "Shadows of the New Sun"