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Annese Astronomy

Eye of Cold Annese pole star. Could be Aldebaran (eye of the Bull), but not with the zodiac below because it is right next to the Hyades. Possibly one of the eyes of Draco.

Sun Wolf 294.
Location: RA: 6 hr 51m 35s. Dec.: 33, 20.
Constellation Location: Gemini
Distance from Sol: 19.4 light years
Spectral Class: dM4 (dwarf red star with no emission lines, i.e., not a flare star--they erupt, which would probably cause problems at habitable planets).
The arguments in favor: red star as per text re: pink light, no blue output from star.--a Wolf star (that isn't a flare star). --less than or equal to 20 light years from Sol.--(special bonus) located in the constellation of the Twins.

Annese Zodiac

Fever unknown.

Five Flowers the Hyades (we count six, Hesiod counted five)

Seeing Seed unknown.

Valley of Milk Milky Way.

Lost Wishes unknown.

Burning Hair Woman Coma Berenices.

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300 megGondwanaland (possible early colonists)
1250 BCEtruscans/Homeric Greeks (ditto)
1250 ADPoictesme (ditto).
120 P.F.Abo Observatory ("woodhenge") built on Sainte Anne.
1 F.L.French arrive at Sainte Anne; setting for "A Story."
22 F.L.First possible date of French colony ship arrival.
45 F.L.Cave Canem built in Port-Mimizon, Sainte Croix.
79 F.L.English penal colony ship 986 leaves Earth.
100 F.L.Ship 986 arrives at Sainte Anne.
War recently over--French lost.
Slavery begins on Sainte Croix.
103 F.L.Number Two born.
Number One killed by scan at age 60.
M.Million raises Number Two.
135 F.L.Number Four (Maitre) born.
137 F.L.Last abo (dryad form) seen by Old Culot.
140 F.L.Old Culot dies.
153 F.L.Maitre (age 18) kills Number Two (age 50).
160 F.L.Dr. Hagsmith arrives on Sainte Anne, hears talk of Cinderwalker resurrecting animals killed by the new train.
160 F.L.Dr. Marsh leaves Earth.
164 F.L.V.R.T. born on Sainte Anne (if he is 16 in 180 F.L.).
167 F.L.Number Five born on Sainte Croix.
168 F.L.Old fashioned thermo-nuclear sea ships at Frenchman's Landing replaced by modern sailing ships.
174 F.L.Number Five: world at age seven--interviews begin.
179 F.L.Number Five: world at age twelve--injections begin.
180 F.L.Dr. Marsh interviews Mrs. B on Sainte Anne.
185 F.L.Maitre murdered--Number Five and "Marsch" arrested on Sainte Croix.
186 F.L.Officer reads material ("V.R.T." frame tale time).
187 F.L."A Story" written?
188 F.L.M.Million writes letter to Number Five.
194 F.L.Number Five (age twenty-seven) is released from prison.
197 F.L.Number Five is thirty years old and writes his tale.

Wolfe Family Tree<br>(Sainte Croix)

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