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    • The New Atlantis and Other Novellas of Science Fiction, ed. Robert Silverberg, 1975
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Wolfe's Comments from the Introduction to Endangered Species

There was no comment about this story in the introduction.

Dust Jacket Blurb from The New Atlantis and Other Novellas of Science Fiction

In "Silhouette" Gene Wolfe creates a self-contained world, an immense starship on a multi-generational mission to assure continuation of the race by colonizing the stars. It is a world, devised and constructed through man's technical genius, that comes to be threatened by the primitive superstitions and petty jealousies carried into space by the very technicians who serve in science's most ambitious project. The salvation of the mission and of the hundreds of lives bound to it comes to depend on a curious interplay of technology and occult human abilities in which the latter are decisive.


A shadowy second self assists Johann as cults and social breakdowns lead to mutiny on his starship.


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