The Cat


  • First publication
    • 1983 World Fantasy Convention program book
  • Wolfe collection(s)
  • Other anthologies
    • The Year's Best Science Fiction: First Annual Collection, 1984
    • Magicats!, 1985


A cat put through Father Inire's mirrors becomes an invisible companion to a woman in the autarch's palace.


  • This story is set in the world of the Book of the New Sun. It references Severian as autarch. Odilo the Steward becomes an important figure in Urth of the New Sun. Another side of the Leocadia story appears in chapter 15 of The Claw of the Conciliator.
  • The cat is gray with stripes of darker gray, like Tenniel's illustration of the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. It becomes invisible like that cat. Father Inire's interest in children and telling them stories is like Lewis Carroll, the author of the Alice stories. The doll-like child also seems like a reference to Alice, who shrunk in the story.
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Unresolved Questions

  • Was it A or was it B, or was it X or Z?
  • Was it he or was it she, or was it you or me?
  • Who dunnit?
  • Did the Star Child really start WWIII at the end of 2001?

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