The Old Woman in the Young Woman


  • First publication
    • Jim Baen's Universe, October 2006


In a post-apocalyptic future, wanderer Long Tom meets an old woman doctor Miz Emily and her young clone Emma. The old woman takes something and dies. Or does she?


  • Sources of quotes
  • Meanings of names
    • "Long Tom" is the name of a 155mm field gun used in WW II.
    • The name Emily comes from Latin, meaning "emulating."
  • References to other works
  • Theories about what happens under the surface, what the narrator isn't telling us, who the narrator is and when and why s/he is telling the story, what the whole thing "means," etc.
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Unresolved Questions

  • Did Old Miz Emily accomplish a soul transfer to her clone Emma? It would seem so. She claims medical knowledge at the end she couldn't have had before.