Three Fingers



  • Three Fingers is also the title of a 2002 graphic novel by Rich Koslowski which may have been inspired by this story. It features toons living in the real world, and a "ritual" that many toons have gone through.


The protagonist is Michael "Moss," i.e. Mickey Mouse. The Disney villains who pursued him are also toons who can take the form of regular humans. They said they will kill him with candy. (Mickey Mouse has been so over-sweetened over the years that he is hardly recognizable from the feisty, mischievous "Steamboat Willie" he once was). They actually gave him reserpine, an anti-psychotic drug to bring him back under control. Michael seems to have rebelled against the corporate culture that lost touch with the true historical images that gave the legends they adapted their power.

Unanswered Questions

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