The Sorcerer's House -- It Never Happened

The basic idea is simple: Bax is a con man, fresh out of jail with no future. He is desperate and concocts a desperate plan to kill his brother George and take George's wife, Millie (who was interested in Bax from before he went to jail). Bax writes a series of increasingly fantastic letters to Doris, knowing she has a soft spot for that sort of thing. George travels out to confront Bax. Bax kills him, gets the girl and lives happily ever after. The Compiler is Bax himself, "returning" to the scene of the crime.

The evidence for this is mostly meta-textual. But, to summarize:

  • The plot is disjointed, similar to what one would expect out of a liar making it up as he went along. Important people, places and things make sudden appearances and disappear just as quickly.
  • Bax is a bit of a Mary Sue. An ex-con moves into a big house in a small town where every woman he meets wants him and he has plenty of money.
  • The Compiler, who could have checked records and verified the events described in the letters, shows no interest in doing so. In fact, he admits to modifying them.

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