The Sorcerer's House -- Mysterious Bus Ride

In letter 1, Bax clearly tells Shell that he cannot currently afford a bus ticket. It is widely theorized that Bax always tells Shell the truth. However, in letter 2, Bax indicates to George that he regularly uses the bus. "New houses were being built at a location I sometimes passed on the bus. Though I usually keep very regular hours, I boarded the bus late one evening and got off at a stop near the construction site."

This makes no sense. Bax has no reason to lie to Shell about not being able to use the bus, and he has no reason to mention the bus to George at all, suggesting Bax really did ride the bus.

  • Perhaps Bax stole the money from Thelma Nabor when he borrowed her lawnmower?
  • He may also have spent some of the money made from pawning his laptop to pay his Riverman Inn rent (Number 4)

It turns out that it is (or at least was back in 2013) customary for prisoners to be released with a state provided bus or train ticket and 10$. 10$ certainly isn't enough money to afford regular bus rides. However, if Bax took the free bus ticket upon being released from prison, he would have seen the construction site on his way to MedicineMan. We know that the construction site is within walking distance of the house, as Bax says he walked home from the site after procuring (stealing) the glass. Most likely, Bax lied to George about regularly using the bus to avoid reminding George and Milly that he had just got out of prison.

This might also shed light on Bax's relationship with Mutazz. Bax certainly doesn't have enough money to pay the landlord. No doubt Bax tried to get out of paying Mutazz, and Mutazz called him a thief.

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