NYRSF Gene Wolfe Index

Base information complied by Michael Andre-Driussi.

September 1988, Issue 1: Gene Wolfe's "Riddle," a brief boxed feature.

October 1988, Issue 2: A reading list from Wolfe and a letter from Wolfe re Hard SF.

April 1989, Issue 8: Joan Gordon reviews THERE ARE DOORS.

August 1989, Issue 12: Wolfe letter of comment (re: an article by Kathryn Cramer).

November 1989, Issue 15: Robert Killheffer reviews SOLDIER OF ARETE.

December 1989, Issue 16: Wolfe letter of comment ("loc") on above review.

January 1990, Issue 17: Fernando Q. Gouvea reviews ENDANGERED SPECIES and sends loc on SOLDIER OF ARETE.

March 1990, Issue 19: Wolfe reviews Pinkwater's FISH WHISTLE.

May 1990, Issue 21: Wolfe loc.

August 1990, Issue 24: Clute reviews CASTLEVIEW.

March 1991, Issue 31: Gregory Feeley essay (pt. 1) re BOTNS and Clute's Autarch Catherine theory.

April 1991, Issue 32: Gregory Feeley essay (pt. 2).

July 1991, Issue 35: Wolfe loc re editorial by Gordon Van Gelder.

August 1991, Issue 36: Wolfe essay in memory of Sharon Baker.

October 1991, Issue 38: David Repton Herter reviews PANDORA BY HOLLY HOLLANDER.

January 1992, Issue 41: Wolfe reviews THE NEW GOTHIC.

February 1993, Issue 54: mantis essay on the brown book.

March 1993, Issue 55: Wolfe loc on David Hartwell's editorial.

April 1993, Issue 56: Wolfe contributes to a response to essay by John Kessel.

June 1993, Issue 58: Robert Killheffer reviews NIGHTSIDE THE LONG SUN.

May 1994, Issue 69: Wolfe reviews Ellison's ANGRY CANDY.

June 1994, Issue 70: Pascal J. Thomas reviews LAKE OF THE LONG SUN.

October 1994, Issue 74: Don Webb reviews BIBLIOMEN.

October 1995, Issue 86: Wolfe's essay, "A Critic at the Crossroads: Gregory Feeley's `How Far to th' End of the World.'"

January 1996, Issue 89: William M. Schuyler, Jr. reviews PEACE.

February 1996, Issue 90: locs from Lisa Goldstein, Mark Pitcavage, and Lucius Sheperd re "A Critic at the Crossroads."

March 1996, Issue 91: Damien Broderick essay "Thoughts on Gene Wolfe's PEACE" and William M. Schuyler, Jr. timeline for PEACE.

April 1996, Issue 92: mantis loc re "A Critic at the Crossroads."

July 1996, Issue 95: Kathryn Locey's essay on "Seven American Nights."

December 1998, Issue 124: Damien Broderick's Wolfe-list collage re "Suzanne Delage."

April 1999, Issue 128: Robert Borski's essay on Severian's maternal roots.

July 1999, Issue 131: Robert Borski's essay on the mandragora.