NYRSF Gene Wolfe Index

"The New York Review of Science Fiction is a monthly literary magazine of science fiction that was established in 1988. It includes works of science fiction criticism, essays, and in-depth critical reviews of new works of fiction and scholarship." -- Wikipedia

Base information complied by Michael Andre-Driussi.

September 1988, Issue 1: Gene Wolfe's "Riddle," a short poem. Link to Issue on Archive.org

October 1988, Issue 2: Read This, a reading list from Wolfe of his recent recommendations. (Read This was a reoccurring section in the NYRSF of recently read books by published authors, along with a sentence or two short review. Incidentally, several of his recommendations are anthologies that contain his own works). Also contains a letter from Wolfe re Hard SF. Link to Issue on Archive.org

April 1989, Issue 8: A Wolfe With Surface Traction There Are Doors by Gene Wolfe, Joan Gordon's review of There are Doors. Link to Issue on Archive.org

August 1989, Issue 12: Wolfe letter of comment (re: an article by Kathryn Cramer). Link to Issue on Archive.org

November 1989, Issue 15: Robert Killheffer review of Soldier of Arete. Link to Issue on Archive.org

December 1989, Issue 16: Wolfe letter of comment ("loc") on Soldier of Arete review by Robert Killheffer in Issue 15. Link to Issue on Archive.org

January 1990, Issue 17: Fernando Q. Gouvea reviews Endangered Species and sends loc on Soldier of Arete. Link to Issue on Archive.org

March 1990, Issue 19: Wolfe reviews Daniel Pinkwater's Fish Whistle: commentaries, uncommontaries, and vulgar excesses. Link to Issue on Archive.org

May 1990, Issue 21: Wolfe loc. After reading the issue there are a few references to Wolfe, the most relevant being in Robert Killheffer's review of The Mud-Pits of Lost Atlantis by Bryan G. Stephenson, where Stephenson is favorably compared to Wolfe. Link to Issue on Archive.org

August 1990, Issue 24: John Clute review of Castleview. Link to Issue on Archive.org

March 1991, Issue 31: Gregory Feeley essay The Evidence of Things Not Shown: Family Romance in The Book of the New Sun (Part 1 of 2) re BOTNS and Clute's Autarch Catherine theory. Link to Issue on Archive.org

April 1991, Issue 32: Gregory Feeley essay (pt. 2).

July 1991, Issue 35: Screed: Letters of Comment by Gene Wolfe. Reply to editorial Tribal Tributions by Gordon Van Gelder in NYRSF Issue 33, May 1991.

August 1991, Issue 36: "Smiling, She Met the Dragon" by Gene Wolfe. An essay in memory of Sharon Baker.

October 1991, Issue 38: David Repton Herter reviews Pandora by Holly Hollander. Link to Issue on Archive.org

January 1992, Issue 41: Wolfe reviews The New Gothic: A Collection of Contemporary Gothic Fiction, Bradford Morrow and Patrick McGrath, eds. Link to Issue on Archive.org

February 1993, Issue 54: mantis essay on the brown book.

March 1993, Issue 55: Wolfe loc on David Hartwell's editorial.

April 1993, Issue 56: Wolfe contributes to a response to essay by John Kessel.

June 1993, Issue 58: Robert Killheffer reviews NIGHTSIDE THE LONG SUN.

May 1994, Issue 69: Wolfe reviews Ellison's ANGRY CANDY.

June 1994, Issue 70: Pascal J. Thomas reviews LAKE OF THE LONG SUN.

October 1994, Issue 74: Don Webb reviews BIBLIOMEN.

October 1995, Issue 86: Wolfe's essay, "A Critic at the Crossroads: Gregory Feeley's How Far to th' End of the World."

January 1996, Issue 89: William M. Schuyler, Jr. reviews PEACE.

February 1996, Issue 90: locs from Lisa Goldstein, Mark Pitcavage, and Lucius Sheperd re "A Critic at the Crossroads."

March 1996, Issue 91: Damien Broderick essay "Thoughts on Gene Wolfe's PEACE" and William M. Schuyler, Jr. timeline for PEACE.

April 1996, Issue 92: mantis loc re "A Critic at the Crossroads."

July 1996, Issue 95: Kathryn Locey's essay on "Seven American Nights."

December 1998, Issue 124: Damien Broderick's Wolfe-list collage re "Suzanne Delage."

April 1999, Issue 128: Robert Borski's essay on Severian's maternal roots.

July 1999, Issue 131: Robert Borski's essay on the mandragora.

February 2000, Issue 138: Robert Borski's essay on the brown book; feature by Paul Witcover on Strange Travellers; review of On Blue's Waters by Joan Gordon; review of The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories and Other Stories by Jenny Blackford.

September 2000, Issue 145: mantis' review of In Green's Jungles.

July 2001, Issue 155: essay by Robert Borski, "Wolves in the Fold: Lupine Shadows in the Works of Gene Wolfe".

October 2001, Issue 158: essay by Robert Borski, "Khaibits and Other Shadows: Looking for Severa in The Book of the New Sun".

August 2002, Issue 168: essay by Robert Borski, "Queen of Shadows: Unveiling Aubrey Veil in Gene Wolfe's Fifth Head of Cerberus".

July 2003, Issue 179: essay by Jenny Blackford, "Reading Gene Wolfe's Return to the Whorl".

February 2004, Issue 156: "Special Wolfe at the Door issue." Includes "The Knight at the Door" interview by Neil Gaiman (expanded reprint of an interview that appeared on bordersstores.com) plus reviews of The Knight by Lawrence Person and Dan’l Danehy-Oakes.

December 2004, Issue 196: Reviews by John Clute of The Knight and The Wizard.

March 2005, Issue 199: Real Editing™ for Real Readers™ by Brian Yeomans, a humorous "critique" of The Wizard Knight.

October 2005, Issue 206: Wolfe essay "In Praise of David Drake" (reprint of the introduction to The Complete Hammer's Slammers Volume 1).

January 2008, Issue 233: John Clute reviews Pirate Freedom.

August 2009, Issue 252: Darrell Schweitzer reviews An Evil Guest.

Mary 2010, Issue 259: John Clute reviews The Sorceror's House.

March 2014, Issue 307: Michael Andre-Driussi reviews Shadows of the New Sun.

May 2019, Issue 351: Editorial includes an obituary and appreciation of Gene Wolfe.

March 2020, Issue 352: Joan Gordon essay, "The Ghostly Archive of Gene Wolfe's 'Memorare'".