Urth's equivalent to our own Buenos Aires.

How about names for the quarters of Nessus? My newest theory is that "Algedonic Quarter" is the Latinate officialese form given to a dead (but not yet forgotten) quarter, referring in this case to the torturers and the prostitutes to be found there. The people of a living quarter refer to it by some landmark: their use of the term "Old Citadel" implies there is a "(newer) Citadel" (presumably the citadel of the archon of Nessus); Dorcas goes home to "Oldgate," which is now a nameless ruin but had a living name when Dorcas was first there forty years earlier.

Given the definite article and the caps, I still assume that the Algedonic Quarter is a specific name for a specific part of the city: "the Echopraxia is in the Algedonic Quarter," not "the Echopraxia is an algedonic quarter." Moreover, I'm not even sure that the torturers' tower is really within that Quarter. The peltast on the bridge places the Old Citadel at the edge of the Algedonic Quarter, but Roche implies that the Citadel is outside the Quarter. Do you have a derivation for that word "algedonic?"

Topic veer: "algedonic" sounds like it might have been a name for a wing of the House Absolute, doesn't it? We have the Hypogeum Amaranthine and the Hypogeum Apotropaic. Would Master Ultan's stacks connect with a "Hypogeum Athenaeum?" Never mind.

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