Soldier of the Mist


Soldier of the Mist Paperback Cover
Tor Paperback
  • First publication by Tor Books (mass market paperback), 1986.


  • 1987 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel



Complete plot summary -- SPOILERS (incomplete)

Latro is a Roman mercenary in King Xerxes' army during the Greco-Persian war. At the Battle of Plataea, he receives a head wound, and, as a result, he remembers nothing beyond the current day due to both retrograde and anterograde amnesia. We read his diary that he writes for himself so that he can find out who he is and what he is doing each day. He does however have unexpected flashbacks and unexplained memories from time to time. He also sees and talks to gods and spirits that others cannot see, unless he touches them.



  • Wolfe casts some doubt regarding whether Latro's conversing with gods is due to his head wound. Could it be that he hallucinates his supernatural experiences? If he is hallucinating, then his delusions are having a surprisingly real influence on events.

Unresolved Questions