Fifth Head Maps

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(All material by Michael Andre-Driussi)

I sketched this map based on the travels in "`A Story' by John V. Marsch" sometime circa 1990. Starting near the center with the country of sliding stones (i.e., hills), then a five day walk across the desert to the waterfall Thunder Always. One day's worth of swimming downstream puts the hero near where his family was taken, and then he continues further into the marsh. At one point there is talk about how the river goes north to the sea: this provides the orientation for the whole map, and the Tempus flows rather like the Nile. Near the top of the map is the coast, with the Eye (observatory) and the Other Eye (sand pit prison).

This map was drawn about ten years after the other one. It began as a nicer version of the previous one: I tried to make a ring of trees for the observatory and a sandy pit for the Other Eye, ignoring scale here since I was already ignoring scale for the whole map. I then added details from the field notes of "V.R.T."

Immediately there were problems. The river could not be oriented the way I had drawn it. In fact it would have to twist around a lot, almost like the "@" symbol, to match "V.R.T."

Nevertheless I pressed on, if only to get more elements into play for further refinement. There is the marker of landing by the Other Eye, then the stone outcrop, the meadowmeres, the city of Frenchman's Landing, "Frogtown," rivers Yellow Snake, Girl Running, and End-of-Days.

The final map in Cicerone Sinister looks nothing like this one. The river is twisted around, everything is in scale, and I added Roncevaux (which was especially important to me because as Robert Borski and I discussed The Fifth Head of Cerberus his knowledge of the geography of both planets kept showing me how fuzzy-if-not-blank my own knowledge was).

Further maps and details available in Cicerone Sinister

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