From the Notebook of Dr. Stein


  • First publication
    • Continuum 3, ed. Roger Elwood, 1974
  • Wolfe collection(s)

Wolfe's comments from the Introduction to Endangered Species

There was no comment about this story in the introduction.


A psychistrist in 1935 is puzzled by a strange case of multiple personality (actually possession by Henry Nailer and his associates).


  • The stories The Dark of the June, The Death of Hyle, From the Notebook of Dr. Stein, and Thag form a series with characters in common, including Henry Nailer.
  • Sources of quotes
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  • References to other works
  • Theories about what happens under the surface, what the narrator isn't telling us, who the narrator is and when and why s/he is telling the story, what the whole thing "means," etc.
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Unresolved Questions

  • Was it A or was it B, or was it X or Z?
  • Was it he or was it she, or was it you or me?
  • Who dunnit?
  • Did the Star Child really start WWIII at the end of 2001?

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