In Glory Like Their Star


Wolfe's comments from the Introduction to Starwater Strains

"Damon Knight used to say he got most of his stories by fixing other people's stories. Things in those stories would bug him -- Damon was easily bugged -- so he'd change everything that bugged him; and by the time he did, he had a different story. I don't do it much, but a while ago I read a story in which visiting aliens were taken for gods by Earthlinds like you and me. It bugged me enough that I wrote In Glory Like Their Star."


An alien scout, taken to be a god, is alien enough in his thinking to be most unhelpful to his human hosts.


  • Sources of quotes
  • Meanings of names
  • References to other works
  • Theories about what happens under the surface, what the narrator isn't telling us, who the narrator is and when and why s/he is telling the story, what the whole thing "means," etc.
    If there are multiple or competing theories, each one should be given a name with a three-bang (!!!) header; if the page begins to get out-of-hand from the size of these, as could happen in a few cases, they should be shuffled off to their own page(s).
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Unresolved Questions

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