• First publication
    • Realms of Fantasy, 2004, co-written with Brian Hopkins
  • Wolfe collection(s)

Wolfe's comments from the Introduction to Starwater Strains

"Rattler is a collaboration with Brian Hopkins. Brian wrote El Dio de los Muertos and edited 13 Horrors, and has written and edited a lot of other things. He is from Oklahoma, though. I like him, and I don't mind that Oklahoma people are smarter than Texas people like me; but they don't have to keep talking and talking about it the way they do. That was why I started listening hard when he said he was going to get himself a new truck with a manual transmission, because he couldn't abide a pickup that was smarter than he was. We got to talking about trainability, guide trucks for the visually impaired, and so forth. It went on from there."


A story about the training of dogs and trucks.


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Unresolved Questions

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